Sunday, 19 June 2016

#RAPIDFIRE - 1: How do you do stop-gap consoles?

Hello everyone! Today, I'm going to start a little column on Videogames Beyonder titled #RAPIDFIRE: it is based on concise, straight to the point opinions that makes for very fast reads, but with more breathing space than Twitter's strict 140 bar less characters rule. Hopefully it'll enable more frequent updates to the blog too :) Text blocks on #RAPIDFIRE will be formatted differently from regular articles in order to make them identifiable at first sight; the format may change over time to further improve readability. Let's start with a topic that went on fire in the very last days:

 "Microsoft's E3 showed a complete misanderstanding over Sony's PS4 NEO update model: 4K is a major step up from today's gaming standards that even the most powerful gfx cards can't handle at high framerates. 98% of PC gamers still plays on Full HD displays.   To be acceptable in marketing terms, mid generation refreshes should either consolidate the de facto gaming standards (true 1080p/60fps) or bump them up in a slight but perceptible way: antialiased HDR 1620p/60fps games + 4K video support for 400$, 4 years into the cycle? Gimme!"

EDIT 06/20: 40 chars per line, 15 lines/600 chars spaces included at best. Seems like an acceptable format.

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